As a young man, growing up in Nigeria, all Benjamin Nebechukwu wanted was to be a business man. He went on to study marketing at Anambra State University, Nigeria. As a successful business man who traversed the world, Benjamin thought that was the ultimate in life. Until one day, God literally arrested him and asked him where he would go after this life is over. Benjamin then sought God with a ravenous fire, an exhaustible passion and unrivaled humility. God in His mercy chose to use him as a missionary and pastor of The Living Word Assembly in Kampala Uganda also known as the Living Word Church. His ministry underscores deliverance principles as set in the Bible to help deliver the saints of God from every oppression afflicted on them by the enemy. His teachings are electric, his prayer ministry is fervent and he declares the truth of the Lord fearlessly and yet as plainly as it should be. The hundreds that have flocked his counseling sessions and meetings both online and face to face testify to the wonders of God in His ministry. God who knew Benjamin’s end from the beginning blessed him with a wife, Ngozi whose joy and excitement in the Lord are tangible and love for Christ is contagious. They are blessed with children.

She is a prophetess, a giver, worshiper and gifted singer and co pastor alongside her husband at The Living Word Assembly (TLWA)

She gives with passion, she prays fervently, she sings with passion and listens with all her attention. She is the pride of her husband and children. Pastor Charity Nebechukwu‘s love for God is tangible and her passion to help people understand the will of God is contagious. Pastor Charity leads the Women’s Ministry at The Living Word Assembly. This weekly gathering of women is growing steadily, reaching out to the community and bettering the lives of their families. She has motivated and led other women to extend their hands of compassion in ministering to the needy, orphans, widows and the sick from time to time. Alongside the ministry in Uganda, Pastor Charity travels alongside her husband to minister in different parts of the world. She is a woman who strives to live by example to all who come close to her.  She indeed is the virtuous Proverbs 31 woman.

Pastor Benjamin and Charity Nebechukwu