Pace Setters


The pacesetters ministry is a ministry in the Living Word Assembly comprised of young, vibrant, intelligent, agile men and women. They are all single and have completed basic level of education; A-level and above; and working or not yet working.


To raise leaders who are setting the pace through The WORD OF GOD. (2 Timothy 3:16)


Is To Help Christians discover their purpose in life; and maximise their God-given potential and become women of virtue and men after the heart of God.


  1. Rom 8:19. Why were u created?
  2. What is your purpose in God's divine plan?
  3. Are u the moses to deliver Gods pipo?
  4. Are u David to showcase Gods faithfulness?
  5. Are u Joseph a new and true leader,tried and tested?
  6. Arise! For creation awaits yo unveiling...the stage is set.
  7. Take up yo mantle.

Who Is A Pacesetter?

  1. Trail blazer
  2. Pathfinder
  3. Committed to God's Word.
  4. Serving God Selflessly.
  5. A leader In The Making

Individually purpose to be the above, Distinguish yourself from the crowd, Focus on what God has deposited in you, Do not be caught in the web of the group and lose your unique contribution.

Some people get privileged  to make it on a Committee and never attend a single preparation meeting or take off time to intercede for the activity or the ministry/leadership generally.

 Are you fooling any one, may be not. But you definitely lose out.

A lot of times people want to get love, support, brotherhood, prayers, etc, from a group. But have never done anything with the group!

Don't wonder why some people's concerns elicit maximum support and others go unnoticed:

HARVEST; What you put in, is what you get out.