The Parking Ministry​

We want people to feel welcomed when they arrive at The Living Word Assembly and that is the key role of our Traffic Ushers. First impressions are everything and this ministry does a wonderful job! Traffic Ushers are the very first people you will encounter as you pull onto The Living Word Assembly parking lot. With a smile, you will be directed to your parking spot. Our parking lot attendants are alert and ready to give you direction in order to keep your children and family safe.

 What We Do

We provide guidance on where to park to all those attending services at Living Word Assembly, greeting you with a smile and well prepared to offer assistance in directing you to where you need to go.

Provide a type of security for the Church, for vehicles in the parking lot of the Sanctuary, and everywhere else outside the Church limits within the reach of the Traffic Ushers. You can always find an Usher nearby prepared to assist you.

After the service, the Traffic Ushers will again be available to usher out the vehicles that are leaving and provide assistance as needed.

We have an emergency plan in the event of natural disasters or any other emergency while you are in the Church. We always encourage you to do a reverse parking for ease of exit should such an event occur; please listen carefully to the traffic ushers and follow their directions.

Your support through Prayers and any other form is highly welcome. We await on you coming on board too.