Maybe nothing can shake up our church’s mission, outreach and future growth more than divorce.

If half the number of married couples in our congregation divorced, how would it affect the church? Tithing, volunteerism, home fellowship leadership, church attendance would all drop significantly! Demand for financial assistance, childcare, and more of our pastoral team’s time through pastoral counselling would all increase significantly.


Due to its core in nature, the Married’s Ministry was born to make our church less vulnerable by proactively focusing on improving the health and quality of our congregation’s current and future marriages.


To provide more premarital and marriage enrichment to the couples and intending couples.


  1. Marriage enrichment get-together meetings/retreats
  2. Question and answer sessions
  3. Bonding
  4. Couples’ intercessions
  5. Ice breakers
  6. Marriage enrichment workshops and seminars
  7. Counseling
  8. Man-to-man talk
  9. Proverbs 31 woman
  10. I still do
  11. Marriage enrichment activities
  12. Celebration of marriage on every second (2nd) Sunday of every month for all couples that fall in that month.
  13. Annual marrieds’ enrichment awards to exemplary couples
  14. Young couples’ ministry setups and activities
  15. Brain storming sessions
  16. Mentoring sessions
  17. Work through sessions
  18. Prayer meetings (Praying for our marriages, church, nation, businesses, etc).
  19. A Saturday meeting once a month


Every man/woman who is married to one woman/man respectively in (Holy matrimony and traditional) is eligible for this ministry.

Those who are interested in serving in different offices within the ministry are mandated to join the stewardship training course as an additional qualification.

For further inquiries, please contact Paul Matovu on 0705170228 or Pastor Leonard Napakol