The Excellent Married Men’s Fellowship is a ministry in The Living Word Assembly initiated by the Senior Pastor in 2011 through the ministry of the Holy Spirit with an objective of bringing men in to the church. 

The title of the ministry was obtained from the book of Daniel 6:3. It was established with the aim of fulfilling the church’s mission statement based on Isaiah 61:1: To bring Salvation, Deliverance and Healing to the people and places by the Help of the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible tells us of the roles of a man in his home. Unfortunately, many men are not doing their God-given assignment: it's instead their wives who are taking up these roles. This is the source of problems such as violence in families. 

The Excellent Married Men’s Fellowship encourages men to take up their roles that the blessings of God may flow into their homes. A prayerful and spiritually-alert man will surely lead his family well while fulfilling the responsibilities God created him to do: being a Prophet, Priest and Provider of his home.

NOTE: This ministry is strictly for married men – not those who are co-habiting. For the latter category, we encourage you to sanctify your union with a Holy Matrimony so that you too can begin to experience the blessings of marriage. The widowers are also encouraged to join.

All those who are interested in serving in different offices within the ministry are mandated to join stewardship training course as an additional qualification.


To dare to be a Daniel (Daniel 6:3) by being a man of purpose, prayer, perception and power in our every day walk with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savoir; and living a spirit-filled life.


  1. Prayer meetings every third Sunday of the month after the second service
  2. Bible text reading every Sunday service.
  3. Topics for open discussion by members.
  4. Monthly review meetings.
  5. Team building.
  6. Fostering economic status of men through group discussions and sharing.
  7. Evangelism.