Home Fellowship

At The Living Word Assembly, the Home Fellowship is at the core of the vision of the Ministry. The Home Fellowship is the basic unit of church gatherings and constitutes two to twelve members (2-12 members).

Every registered member of The Living Word Assembly must belong to a home fellowship. Each Home Fellowship is led by a Home Fellowship leader.

Values of a Home Fellowship

A place to belong

It’s the best place to develop lasting friendships and make your own unique contribution to the community.

A place to grow and evangelize

You’ll have the chance to dig into Sunday’s teaching, connect with God through worship and prayer, as well as communion on a weekly basis, and be challenged to live out the teachings of Jesus in everyday life.

A place to love

It is where we experience what it means to really love people. A place to care for one another’s needs, but also, a place to reach out beyond ourselves and bring Christ’s love in practical ways to our neighborhoods and to the world.