Who We are

The Living Word Assembly, a Government of Uganda registered Non-profit, Non-political Christian, Non-denominational organization with the cardinal objective of preaching the word

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Senior Pastors

As a young man, growing up in Nigeria, all Benjamin Nebechukwu wanted wanted to be was a business man. He went on to study marketing at Anambra State University,

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Our Branches

It’s our heart’s desire as a Ministry to plant vibrant Christ-Headed Home fellowship-based, bible-believing churches with the focus on the Great Commission up to the uttermost part of the earth

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Home Fellowship

At The Living Word Assembly, the Home Fellowship is at the core of the vision of the Ministry. The Home Fellowship is the basic unit of church gatherings and constitutes two to twelve members

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Radio Program

Listen to us on our weekly Spirit FM radio program (96.6 FM).

The Prayer City

We are Building By Faith. You can use Mobile Money Number: 0771299974 to contribute towards the building.

Home Fellowship

Our Home Fellowship meeting day is every Saturday @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Freedom Radio

Listen to our Inspirational Programs and Live stream of our services through Freedom Radio. The application is available for download on the Google Play.